Thursday, June 25, 2015

Makeup haul - in Italy!

Ciao tutti! When on holidays....just buy more makeup, right ? Haha. I just couldn't help myself when I was in Italy as I discovered the brand Pupa in a drugstore. As the days when by, I kept on buying more and more stuff. Two lipsticks...then a highlighter...oh look at the eyebrow palette...and the huge bronzing powder! It just went on and on....and on! 

Pupa is a brand I had barely heard of before so I was really excited to finally try it! Isn't that what traveling is all about? Discovering new brands of makeup?  The lipsticks I got are SO good, I could easily compare them to mac but more in a more affordable range of price. Super creamy, long lasting and overly pigmented!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate to beauty of my new blush/highlighter? Look at all of these coral shades. Perfect for summer! 

I also treated myself  at the duty free with the Clarins HydraQuench Serum - after months of dreaming about it - and it is so far the best thing that has ever happened in my skincare routine. 
My skin has been super dry from all the sun and the sea water so I needed a little help to get my moisture back. I apply it twice a day right before my Embryolisse Lait crème concentré. 


Ciao Italia!

Hi girls! I'm back from a two weeks holiday in Sardinia - Italia! It was AMAZING. I've had such a good time there, eating tons of pasta and pizza while enjoying the most gorgeous beaches.  It was so relaxing to finally to get away from the grey-ness of my country and spice things up a notch! My italian was really lame so I had to speak spanish most of my our trip. The boyfriend and I really had such a fun time! I am now feeling super ready for summer. I'm leaving one more week to the UK then I'll be starting a very new exciting project in July! I can not wait. 2015 is really looking good so far - and I like it! 

I hope you all had a good start of the summer as well!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Get ready for your vacays!

Hi girls! What's up? Is the heat wave doing you well? Over here, I'm loving every minute of it. The light was on point in my room so I thought what a perfect time to shot some pictures for the blog before heading of vacations. Yes, vacations are just around the corner and I'm more excited than ever. 

I truly need some time away, sleeping all day on the beach and eating good things. This year was quite rough and I need a serious time off from all the stress and the pressure haha! 

I currently in the 'vacays prep' mode. You know all those things you need to do before leaving. Check list, buying more bikinis and SPF 50 - yes my skin is very sun sensitive - picking all of your outfits, making sure your luggage is not overweight but also getting your skin ready. After 6 months of horrible weather and a little bit of lacking in the pampering sessions due to pure laziness, now I need my pins to be looking their best, my teeth whither than ever and my hair looking healthy. 

Ok so the shaving part. Usually I don't shave all year round, I try to throw a little epilation  session or two in the mix to avoid the 'yeti legs' syndrome at the end of the winter but this year I was just so over the weather and pretty much shaved all the time. Shaving is good, I'm all for it but I believe that it's good to alternate with an epilation to slow the growing process. Now that I'm going on vacays, I don't want to shave every day so I need to be brave and go for that epilation sesh! I've received the new Braun Silk Epil 7, right in time for my torture session haha. Ok it's not THAT bad, I have had many bad memories with electric epilator in the past but this one is the best I have every used by far. The torture process was super quick, I was really shocked at how fast I was done with it. It does hurt but less than the others I have used in the past. 

Of course, I'll still take my mini Venus Snap razor with me, you never know what can happen haha!

To get your skin ready before vacations, you need a lot of scrubbing and a LOT of moisturizing.
My skin has suffered from all of those cold months. I have been using the Kruidvat Spa Secrets Jelly Body Scrub with my massage glove to make sure I get rid of all the dead skin so my tan is going to last much much longer. Then I moisturize with this new Kruidvat Spa Secrets Coconut Water & Frangipani body butter aka the bomb dot com. It's SO good I am obsessed with it. It smells like monoï, it's absolutely divine. 

On my face I have been loving the new Olaz Pro Vital and Sensitive day creams. They both have a very subtle scent - which I love - and also SPF 15. The Anti-wrinkle label is not my thing, I'm more of a pro wrinkle kinda person and I don't feel like a cream is going to get rid of my wrinkles. If one day I don't want them anymore I'll just get botox haha! 

I'll bring this shampoo with me on vacays as it's apparently strengthening & soothing = everything I love/need during vacations at the day.

Teeth wise, I get them bleached with my favorite Crest product and I'm going to try using this new Oral B toothpaste to up keep the whiteness! 

What are your must haves before going away?


Event ⎜Kruidvat Spa Secrets

Hello girls :) The other day I went to a really exciting event with two of my favorite belgian bloggers Lindsay (blog) and Cynthia (blog). We went to Antwerp for the evening as Kruidvat - one of the biggest drugstore in Belgium - was launching its new SpaSecrets range. 

If you already shop in Kruidvat, you know that we love going there for really affordable products like Catrice/Essence or even cotton pads! I never tried any of the Kruidvat brand before as I have to admit the packaging tends to be quite cheap. Kruidvat really wanted to get that idea out of people's mind with this new range of spa at home products. 

The packaging is really gorgeous and you don't get any 'kruidvat' mention in your face - which is great if you want to offer the range as a present. The price on the side is still what you are used shopping in Kruidvat : really affordable. From 2,99 to 4,99 for the whole range! wow! 

The range has three different scents from all over the world:

Miracles of Bali: my favorite for vacations! Smells like Monoï. The body butter is SUPER intense. Absolutely perfect for my very dry -all year round- skin. I'll bring this little gem with me on vacays for sure! 

Treasures of Morocco: a super sweet, in very oriental way scent. The scrub is out of this world and the shower gel is really interesting texture wise. It's one of those products you use for your 30 minutes long shower.

Traditions of Japan: is the more neutral-scent oriented range. It's suitable for both you and your boyfriend. It's the kind of scent you get for a relax moment in your shower. It's a zen scent haha! The shower gel-scrub is really good. Not too harsh yet it really is good for an every day scrub.

These three ranges are now available in your nearest Kruidvat drugstore, go get'emmmm! :)

I hope you're all doing good!

Thank you Kruidvat for having us!